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Today the Western hemisphere celebrates the natural phenomenon where the moon's orbit moves in between the orbit of the sun.

It has stirred up much excitement in North America with viewing parties as well as warnings from health specialists about the dangers of looking at the sun without proper protection that could allow damage to the retinas.

This phenomenon happens several times a year but not often within our viewing range yet the public fascination with this years solar eclipse is massive.  The last time a solar eclipse traversed the United States was over 100 years ago.

Yet despite the rarity of this particular event in our particular geography - it must be noted that eclipses happen all the time.  Eclipses where the light of our own lives is blocked out by our own very lives!

The light of wisdom, the light of truth, the light of faith etc. are often blocked out.  Blocked out by our own filters, blocked out by objected orbiting within our lives.  We can't see the light because we don't want to see the light - not really see it.  

The sun has rays that can damage our eyes if we look at it too long - and we we long to look at it.

The Son has rays that can heal our lives if we look at it at all - and we rarely long to look for it.

I wonder what eclipses are happening in your life as you orbit in your world today.

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