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Worship Services

How to Fight Fair - December 4, 2022
In our second message of our Advent sermon series, we turn to 1 Corinthians 13: 4-6: "How to Fight Fair."

A Christmas Valentine - November 27, 2022
Pastor Rita leads us in worship as we begin the advent season. Our advent sermon series will take us through I Corinthians 13 – “A Christmas Valentine.” We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together during the service.

Funeral Service Celebrating Our Faith in God and the Life of Diane DeJong - Nov 22, 2022

Strengthened - November 20, 2022
We welcome back to our pulpit Carol Hulin, she will preach from Luke 22:39-43. Carol is a candidate for Minister of the Word; she is from Belleville and has been working with Westside Church in Kingston.

Do You Know Who You Are? - November 13, 2022
We welcome Joseph Bowman to our pulpit. He is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. and has a license to exhort in the Christian Reformed Church. He will preach to us from 2 Peter 2:9-10.

Loving Sunday Mornings - The Blessing - November 6, 2022
We conclude our Loving Sunday Mornings sermon series, from the book of Malachi, reading Malachi 3:16 - 4:6. “The End” is just the beginning. Pastor Rita’s message will be read by Carolyn Hoekstra. Pastor Rita and Gerald both tested positive for COVID this past week.

We had some technical issues this morning so the video starts about 5 minutes into the service.
Those Were the Days - October 30, 2022
We read Hebrews 10:32-11:2, recognizing that October 31 is Reformation Day. The message is titled, “Those were the Days.”

Two Very Different Attitudes to Approaching God - October 23, 2022
We welcome Carol Hulin from Kingston to lead our service at Grace.Carol is a candidate for ministry in the CRC. She will preached from Luke 18:9-14, The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.

You’re Richer than you Think - Oct 16, 2022
We return to our Loving Sunday Mornings sermon series, and there’s a test. No, not for us, but for God (Malachi 3). We will be sharing the Communion Meal during the service.

Finding the Right Words - October 10, 2022
We recognize Thanksgiving Day and we “give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” We read those words in I Chronicles 16:28-36. Join us in creating a Thank You card for God.

For Your Own Good - Oct 2, 2022
In our Loving Sunday Mornings sermon series, we look at God’s law. And we discover that God gives us the law “for our own good.” We read Malachi 2:10-17.

Good Food - Sept 25, 2022
Loving Sunday Mornings includes the ABCD's of the sermon. We turn to Malachi 2: 1-9.

When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough - Sept 18, 2022
We return to our Loving Sunday Mornings sermon series, reading from Malachi 1:6-14. “When ‘Good Enough’ isn’t Good Enough.” During the service we will share the Lord’s Supper.

That Guy - Sept 11, 2022
Welcome to our outdoor service! This morning’s message will be on John 3:16. During this service we are installing our new elder and deacons.

Sunday Morning - September 4, 2022
We begin a new sermon series from the book of Malachi. This series is called, "Loving Sunday Mornings", and we'll be celebrating this thing we do on Sunday mornings, namely, church. We begin in chapter 1, the first 5 verses.

Remember This - August 28, 2022
We celebrate the conclusion of our week of VBS. We’ll sing some of their songs, hear some of their stories and see some pictures from the week. Our message will be from the final day of VBS when we learned that “when life is good, God is good!” We will read from Joshua 3 and 4: Remembering.

When Life's Not Fair - August 21, 2022
We kick off VBS week with a message from Exodus and the escape from slavery. Even when life is unfair, God is good. We share the communion meal today as well.

Best Tree Ever! - August 14, 2022
In our final message from our Tree Talk series we turn to the final book of the Bible where we is it the most magnificent tree of all – the Tree of Life in Revelation 22.

Holy Roots - August 7, 2022
Exploring one’s family tree is a popular activity. But it all starts with the roots. For the next message in our Tree Talk sermon series, we turn to Romans 11: 13-24 – Holy Roots.

A Tree by Any Other Name - July 31, 2022
“He climbed up in a sycamore tree…” That’s how the song goes. But it was actually a fig tree. Does it matter? We look at that tree in our next message in our Tree Talk series. Luke 19: 1-10.

Only God Can Make a Tree - July 24, 2022
Only God can make a tree. And there are other things as well, that only God can do. We turn to Jonah 4 in our next message in our Tree Talk sermon series.

Made in the Shade - July 17, 2022
The second tree we sit under this summer is the fig tree. It doesn’t get any better than this! (I Kings 4: 20-25). We share the communion meal this morning.

Not Just Any Tree - July 10, 2022
We begin our summer sermon series: Tree Talk. Trees play a prominent role in our scriptures and we'll spend the summer looking at some of those passages. We begin at the beginning: Genesis 2:4-17 and 3:22-24.

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