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Worship Services

A Speech That's More Than Words - Sept 12, 2021
This Morning we tune in again, to a Speech Worth Hearing. We read the next 3 of Jesus’ beatitudes in Matthew 5. This special service includes the installation of 3 of our 4 new office bearers and the celebration of both sacraments. Oliver Marcus Kapteyn will be baptized and we’ll share the Lord’s Supper. Please join us in the Lord’s Supper, preparing bread and cup with whatever you have handy.

Ask For Anything - Sept 12, 2021
This Morning we had our outdoor service, During this service, we will hear the public profession of faith of three of our young people. We jump ahead in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to Matthew 7: 7-12 – Ask for Anything!... Really??

A Speech Worth Hearing - Sept 5, 2021
We begin a new sermon series that will be full of starts and stops as we work our way through one chapter of the bible – Matthew 5. It’s Jesus’ first major speech (says F.D. Bruner) – “A Speech Worth Hearing.” We begin with the first seven verses of that chapter.

Celebration of Life for Harry Neutel, August 30, 2021

What Non-Christians Think of Christians #6 - August 22, 2021
Number 6 on the list of What Non-Christians really Think of Christians has to do with the sort of impression we leave on others. The message will be from Matthew 6: 1-18. What do people see when they look at you?

What Non-Christians Think of Christians #5 - August 15, 2021
Our summer sermon series is called, “What Non-Christians really Think about Christians.” This morning we look at #5 on the list, turning to II Kings 5: 1-27. We celebrate both sacraments today. The Lord’s Supper will be shared and during the service we will hear Danielle Bowers commit her life to Jesus in the baptism questions. Then at 2:30pm in the afternoon, Danielle will be baptized by immersion in Pastor Rita’s backyard.

Emptiness in Life - August 8, 2021
This Morning we are led in worship by Commissioned Pastor Mark Jallim. Pastor Mark is serving the newly established Online Church, Living Hope Community Church. Scripture passage is from Ecclesiastes 1:1-18

What Non-Christians Think of Christians Part 4 - August 1, 2021
This Morning: The forth thing that Non-Christians of Christians is.... We turn to 1 Peter 2:4-12.

What Non-Christians Think of Christians, Part 3 - July 25, 2021
Our summer series continues as we look at the third thing that non-Christians think about Christians, reading from John 3:1-15. During this service, we will celebrate the sacrament of baptism. Azaria Anne-Margaret Russell, baby girl of Andrew and Anneke, will be baptized.

What Non-Christians Think of Christians - July 18, 2021
Good news and bad news - last Sunday's bad news, about what non-Christians think of Christians, is followed by something more positive. We turn to Acts 8:26-40. During this service we will celebrate the Lord's Supper.

What Non-Christians Are Thinking - July 11, 2021
We begin a new sermon series for the summer: What Non-Christians Really Think about Christians. You may be surprised! We'll be reading from Romans 12:1-21.

Sheepology Pt 3. 23 Surprises - July 4, 2021
We conclude our sermon series from Psalm 23, focusing on verses 5 and 6. The psalm delivers a few surprises! During the service we will recognize Canada Day as we hear O Canada, played on the harp by Rianne R.

Burning Hearts - June 27, 2021
Pastor Shawn Brix leads us in worship. We need to live our lives with our eyes and hearts wide open in order to see God’s presence and His activity every day. We turn to Luke 24:13-35.

Sheepology Pt 2: Playing it Safe vs Being Safe - June 20, 2021
“Playing it Safe” and “Being Safe” are two very different things. Psalm 23:4 assures us that when the Lord is our Shepherd, we will be safe. We’ll be joined by a shepherd boy (played by Travis Heideman). We share the communion meal; please prepare bread and cup in order to participate.

Sheepology Part 1 - June 13, 2021
“The Lord is my Shepherd...” How do we understand Psalm 23 when we know so little about sheep? We begin a new sermon series on this beloved psalm.

The Epilogue - June 6, 2021
This Morning: We will be hearing the epilogue of two stories – that of Paul and also Doug’s story. Doug, whose letters from prison we read during our series on Philippians, will be our guest at this service and he will be sharing his testimony.

Not Your Average Hallmark Card - May 30, 2021
This morning we finish reading Paul’s letter from prison, Philippians 4: 10-23. It’s a thank you note, but it isn’t Hallmark.

Finally! - May 23, 2021
On this Pentecost Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are getting close to the end of Paul’s Letter from Prison. We turn to Philippians 4:1-9 for his “finally…” section. During this service we will be sharing the communion meal; please prepare bread and cup in order to participate from home.

Ascension: The Forgotten Sermon - May 16, 2021
John Molenaar from Port Perry leads us in worship, preaching from Acts 1:1-11 – “Ascension: The Forgotten Sermon.” Pastor Rita is filling a classical appointment in Courtice.

A Letter from Prison – Check your passport - May 9, 2021
In the next section of Paul’s letter from prison (Philippians 3:17-21), he talks about citizenship. It’s a good time to check your passport. We will also be remembering our mothers and celebrating Ascension Day.



A Letter from Prison – Straining Forward - May 2, 2021
Paul tends to repeat himself in his letter writing. But that’s ok, because what he has to say is worth repeating. We’ll read a bit further into his letter from prison: Philippians 3:1-16.

A Letter from Prison - Stars on the Red Carpet - April 25, 2021
Letters from prison are pretty special. We are reading through one of the letters than Paul wrote from prison. In the section we read today, Paul, the prisoner, is celebrating the amazing people in his life; he says they “shine like stars.”

A Letter from Prison - April 18, 2021
We continue our reading of the letter that Paul wrote to the Philippians – God’s letter to us. “Whatever happens…” We’ll read Philippians 1: 27 – 2: 11.

A Letter from Prison - April 11, 2021
We begin a new sermon series: Letters from Prison. This will be a careful reading of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. And it’s a letter to YOU!

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