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Worship Services

A Simple Taste Test - June 4, 2023
This morning, June 4  We return to our H20 sermon series and take a simple “taste test.” We read James 2: 14-17, 3: 1-18. During the service we will seek God’s leading as new office bearers are selected. Randy Heideman and Nettie Snoek are being acclaimed as elders and two names will be drawn to select our new deacons. The nominees for deacon are Shelly Chamberlain, John Lammers and Bill Vanderwel.

Under the Influence - May 28, 2023
Today is Pentecost Sunday and we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirt (Acts 2: 1-21). We will also hear the public profession of faith of Travis Heideman and John Kapteyn.

The Easy Button - May 21, 2023
In John 4 Jesus sets before us, in the clearest terms possible, exactly who he is. We gather to hear the simple truth. During this service we will share the communion meal.

So Many Questions! - May 14, 2023
RIVERS of living water! That's a lot of water, and it's flowing out of us. We turn to John 7:25-44 in our next H2O message. We celebrate Christ's ascension this morning and remember the gift of mothers.

The Source, of Course - May 7, 2023
Polluted water – that’s what the people find at Marah (Exodus 15: 22-27). In our second H2O message, we discover the restorative powers of the cross when we go back to the Source.

Wet and Wild - April 30, 2023
We begin a new sermon series this morning, looking at the image of H2O –water – in the Scriptures. We turn to Isaiah 55 – “Come, all you who are thirsty…”

Freedom in Christ - April 23, 2023
We welcome Pastor Mark Jallim as our guest preacher this morning. Pastor Mark is with Living Hope Community Church in Whitby.

Gospel Living - April 16, 2023
Today we welcome Rev. Steven Kooy to the pulpit. He comes to us from Momentum Campus Ministries as Minister of the Word and Campus Ministry Leader.

Seeing Clearly - April 9, 2023
We celebrate Jesus' resurrection on this Easter morning! We read the resurrection story from John 20:1-18: "I have seen the Lord!" We flower the cross and share the communion meal.

Special Days - April 2, 2023
Some days are more special than others. Palm Sunday is a special day, and as we enter Holy Week, we know that an even more special day is coming. On this 6th Sunday of Lent, we read from John 19: 28-27.

Getting 'Unstuck' - March 26, 2023
We need a king – like it or not. Are we ready to accept that? We continue our reading through John 19, focusing on verses 12 – 16.

Power Play - March 18, 2023
On this fourth Sunday of Lent, we discover where true power rests.  We read John 19: 1-11. We share the communion meal during this service.

Celebration of Life for Eadie Bosgra - March 15, 2023

There is Enough - March 12, 2023
We welcome Pastor Ken DeBoer to our pulpit, he preaches from John 6:1-15

Not Pretty - March 5, 2023
On the second Sunday of Lent we continue reading through John 19. In verses 4-6 Jesus is put on display. And it’s not pretty.

An Unlikely Success Story - February 26, 2023
For our Lenten journey we will be reading through the 19th chapter of the Gospel of John. In these first three verses we will marvel at how from such humility circumstances and world-wide phenomenon emerges – the Kingdom of God has come!

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