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Worship Services

Holy Roots - August 7, 2022
Exploring one’s family tree is a popular activity. But it all starts with the roots. For the next message in our Tree Talk sermon series, we turn to Romans 11: 13-24 – Holy Roots.

A Tree by Any Other Name - July 31, 2022
“He climbed up in a sycamore tree…” That’s how the song goes. But it was actually a fig tree. Does it matter? We look at that tree in our next message in our Tree Talk series. Luke 19: 1-10.

Only God Can Make a Tree - July 24, 2022
Only God can make a tree. And there are other things as well, that only God can do. We turn to Jonah 4 in our next message in our Tree Talk sermon series.

Made in the Shade - July 17, 2022
The second tree we sit under this summer is the fig tree. It doesn’t get any better than this! (I Kings 4: 20-25). We share the communion meal this morning.

Not Just Any Tree - July 10, 2022
We begin our summer sermon series: Tree Talk. Trees play a prominent role in our scriptures and we'll spend the summer looking at some of those passages. We begin at the beginning: Genesis 2:4-17 and 3:22-24.

All Sufficient Grace - July 3, 2022
We welcome to our pulpit Pastor Don MacLeod. The scripture passage is from 2 Corinthians 9.

God's Not Dead: Too Good to be True? - June 26, 2022
In our final message in our God's Not Dead sermon series, we turn to Romans 10:1-13: Take A Stand! If you would like to watch the movie, you can borrow the DVD from the church.

Celebration of Life - Eppie Hoekstra - June 25, 2022

God's Not Dead: The Medium is the Message - June 19, 2022
Often what’s more important than what we say, is how we say it. We should always be prepared to give an answer to those who ask about the hope we have, but do it with “gentleness and respect” (I Peter 3: 8-22 is our passage.) This is the third message in our God’s Not Dead sermon series. We will also recognize that this is Indigenous Sunday in the CRC, and, we celebrate with Avys and Brad as they are graduating from our Sunday School program. We will be sharing the communion meal.

God's Not Dead: Is Faith Blind? - June 12, 2022
Our second message of the series from the movie, God’s Not Dead, looks at the question, “Is our faith blind?” We turn to I Corinthians 2: 6-16.

Teen Challenge - June 5, 2022
We welcome Teen Challenge to Grace Church. Tracey Whalen will be leading the team with 3 students who are very excited to share their stories- stories of addiction and recovery. We also celebrate that this is Pentecost Sunday and will read the account of the coming of the Holy Spirit from Acts 2.

p>God's Not Dead: Where Is God When Life Falls Apart? - May 28, 2022
We begin a new sermon series that draws from the movie, God is Not Dead. The scripture passage is I John 3: 1-3.

As Bad as it Could Be - May 22, 2022
We welcome Pastor Rita back to lead us in worship. By the end of the Book of Judges (chapters 17-21), things are looking dismal – there was no king. We have a King, and that changes everything, already now. Holy Communion will be shared during the service.

Spiritual Famine - May 15, 2022
Pastor John Molenaar, from Hope Church in Port Perry, leads us in worship. We focus on Amos 8:11 and John 6:27-35.

Love One Another!!! - May 8, 2022
We welcome Pastor Ken DeBoer to lead us in worship this morning. Pastor Ken was our interim pastor before Pastor Rita arrived. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation. Today we focus on John 15:9-17.

Sleight of Hand - May 1, 2022
In Judges 3:12-30 we meet the Judge, Ehud. Ehud is unique because he is left-handed. God uses some sleight of hand to save his people, including us.

A Vicious Cycle - April 24, 2022
We begin a new sermon series, from the Old Testament book of Judges. It’s where we find a Vicious Cycle.” Only Jesus can break that cycle.

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