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Worship Services

As Bad as it Could Be - May 22, 2022
We welcome Pastor Rita back to lead us in worship. By the end of the Book of Judges (chapters 17-21), things are looking dismal – there was no king. We have a King, and that changes everything, already now. Holy Communion will be shared during the service.

Spiritual Famine - May 15, 2022
Pastor John Molenaar, from Hope Church in Port Perry, leads us in worship. We focus on Amos 8:11 and John 6:27-35.

Love One Another!!! - May 8, 2022
We welcome Pastor Ken DeBoer to lead us in worship this morning. Pastor Ken was our interim pastor before Pastor Rita arrived. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation. Today we focus on John 15:9-17.

Sleight of Hand - May 1, 2022
In Judges 3:12-30 we meet the Judge, Ehud. Ehud is unique because he is left-handed. God uses some sleight of hand to save his people, including us.

A Vicious Cycle - April 24, 2022
We begin a new sermon series, from the Old Testament book of Judges. It’s where we find a Vicious Cycle.” Only Jesus can break that cycle.

Afraid Yet Filled with Joy, April 17, 2022
He is Risen! We will celebrate this biggest event of all history. We will again share the communion meal, celebrating our Risen Lord.

Lead Me to the Rock - April 15, 2022
Good Friday we listen to the Passion Story through a reading theater "Lead Me to the Rock".

The Farewell Tour - April 10, 2022
On this 5th Sunday of Lent, our Hymn for the Season is Hosanna, in the Highest. It’s Palm Sunday, a day of celebration that would turn to sadness five days later. We read Matthew 21: 1-11.

He Did It On Purpose - April 3, 2022
We welcome Pastor Shawn Brix to our church this morning. We will focus on Mark 10:32-34

One More Move - March 27, 2022
On the fourth Sunday of Lent our Hymn of the Season is Man of Sorrows. In Isaiah 52: 13 – 53: 12 Jesus is called the suffering servant. Yes, he suffered, but he has one more move to make.

This Might Hurt - March 20, 2022
Our third Hymn of the Season is Were You There? Are you ready to suffer for doing good? We turn to I Peter 2:9-25. During this service we will share the communion meal, please share the Lord’s Supper with us, preparing bread and cup with whatever elements you have.

Bragging Rights - March 13, 2022
On this second Sunday of Lent, we focus on the hymn, Beneath the Cross of Jesus. It’s where you need to be. We read Galatians 6: 1-16.

Starting with the End in Sight - March 6, 2022
On this first Sunday of Lent, we begin a sermon series where we will look at various “Hymns of the Season.” We begin with the song, “See What a Morning,” turning to Luke 9: 51-56.

Who's in Your Circle? - February 27, 2022
Lots of people thought Jesus was crazy; we read about it in Mark 3:20-35. Then He looks around at those seated in a circle around Him and sees His true family. Who is in your circle?

Change the World - February 20, 2022
This morning Jesus tells us we should love everyone, even our enemies. It’s a tall order! We turn to Matthew 5:43-48. We will share the communion meal during this service. Please prepare bread and cup to join us if you are participating from home.

Are You Sure? - February 13, 2022
This morning is our final message of our Not a Fan sermon series. Are you on the right path? Probably a good idea to check! We turn to Matthew 7: 13-29.

Swallowing Camels - February 6, 2022
This morning following up last Sunday’s message, can we ever give up enough when it comes to following Jesus? We read Matthew 23: 1-32… and eat some camel.

All or Nothing, Now or Never - January 30, 2022
This morning how much would you be willing to give up in order to follow Jesus? That’s the question we address this Sunday. We turn to Luke 9: 51-62. Check out Not a Fan, Episode 4.

Watch the Children - January 23, 2022
This morning in our third message of our Not a Fan sermon series, we turn to Matthew 19: 13-30. A man asks Jesus what he has to do to get eternal life. The answer might surprise you.

A Really Big Stain - January 16, 2022
This morning in this second message in our Not a Fan sermon series, we turn to Matthew 9: 9-13. Despite our guilt, our shame, our regrets, Jesus has an invitation for us. It’s this: Follow me.

More Than A Fan - January 9, 2022
This morning when Jesus called His disciples, He didn’t invite them to be His fan club, He invited them to follow Him. This morning we begin a new sermon series: Not a Fan. We begin with the question that Jesus asks: “But who do you say I am?” (Luke 9:18- 20).Our young people will be following this same series in their meetings. Watch for announcements about a showing of the movie, sometime soon!

Sneaky Holy - January 2, 2022
This morning we return to "A Speech Worth Hearing", picking up the last few verses of Matthew 5. Jesus uses some “sneaky” strategy to turn our humiliation into the highest glory. Matthew 5:38-42

A Prayer for 2022 - December 31, 2021
Happy New Year!

God's Plan for You in '22 - December 26, 2021
This morning we turn our eyes to the year ahead. In Philippians 2 we read that God has a purpose for us. How do we figure out what that purpose is for 2022?

God's Plan for You in '22 - Christmas Day 2021
Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Scripture is taken from Luke 2:1-20.

For Unto Us a Child is Born - December 19, 2021
Reader's Theatre Candlelight Service

Waiting to be Satisfied - December 19, 2021
Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent! We wait to be satisfied, recognizing how difficult it is to “receive.” We turn to Joel 3: 7–16.
During this service we will share the Communion meal.

Waiting for Strength - December 12, 2021
On this third Sunday of Advent, we wait for strength. Isaiah 40:1-11 speaks of comfort. God comforts us as we wait, but he also strengthens us (Is 40: 28-31).

Waiting for Light - December 5, 2021
The dark can be scary, or depressing, or lonely, or mysterious. And so we wait for light. On this second Sunday of Advent, we turn to John 1:1–18, 9:5.

Don't Just Sit There - November 28, 2021
Do you like to wait? What are YOU waiting for? Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and during this season leading up to Christmas, we'll be searching the scriptures for what God says about "waiting". We begin with Luke 12:35-48. We share the communion meal during this service.

When God Looks at You - November 21, 2021
This morning we welcome our own Katie Snoek to the pulpit! Open your bibles as Katie walks with us through this Psalm 139.

Normal Christianity - November 14, 2021
This morning we welcome Rev. Trevor Payton to our pulpit. Pastor Trevor is the Executive Direction of Dunamis Fellowship Canada. Dunamis helps equip believers by providing biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit, and practical applications of the teaching. It also provides a community of Spirit-empowered believers who support each other in their spiritual development. We turn to Acts 1:1-8.

K.I.S.S. - November 7, 2021
This morning, have you ever tried bargaining with God? Don’t. Jesus saves us. Yes, it’s that simple. We continue our reading of Matthew 5, turning to verses 33-37. During this service we recognize that Thursday is Remembrance Day.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Oct 31, 2021
This morning desperate times call for desperate measures. How far would you go to protect another person? We turn to Matthew 5: 27-32.

Not-So-Righteous Anger - October 24, 2021
This morning we tend to think that our “righteous anger” is a good thing. Jesus says otherwise. We read Matthew 5: 21-26.

Achieving Greatness - Oct 17, 2021
This morning we return to a “Speech Worth Hearing,” and discover how to achieve greatness. We’ll read from Jesus’ sermon on the mount, Matthew 5: 17-20. We will share the Lord’s Supper as part of this service.

A Really Big "Thank-You!" - Oct 10, 2021
This morning we celebrate Thanksgiving weekend and read about another Thanksgiving Day, in 1 Chronicles 29: 10-20.

"You are ______ " - Fill in the Blank! Oct 3, 2021
This morning it’s “A Speech Worth Hearing,” and this morning Jesus describes those who are listening using two words. Try to describe yourself by completing this sentence with one word: “You are ______.” We read the section of Matthew 5: 13-16.

I Signed Up For This? - Sept 26, 2021
Sorry for the audio quality this morning, it is fixed around minute 38.
This morning Jesus’ “speech” doesn’t sound like much fun as we turn to the last of the beatitudes. Is this what you signed up for?? We focus on the final two beatitudes.

A Speech That's More Than Words - Sept 12, 2021
This Morning we tune in again, to a Speech Worth Hearing. We read the next 3 of Jesus’ beatitudes in Matthew 5. This special service includes the installation of 3 of our 4 new office bearers and the celebration of both sacraments. Oliver Marcus Kapteyn will be baptized and we’ll share the Lord’s Supper. Please join us in the Lord’s Supper, preparing bread and cup with whatever you have handy.

Ask For Anything - Sept 12, 2021
This Morning we had our outdoor service, During this service, we will hear the public profession of faith of three of our young people. We jump ahead in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to Matthew 7: 7-12 – Ask for Anything!... Really??

A Speech Worth Hearing - Sept 5, 2021
We begin a new sermon series that will be full of starts and stops as we work our way through one chapter of the bible – Matthew 5. It’s Jesus’ first major speech (says F.D. Bruner) – “A Speech Worth Hearing.” We begin with the first seven verses of that chapter.

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