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Worship Services

Gideon: An Unlikely Hero of Our Faith - June 16, 2024
We welcome Tony Posthumus to our pulpit. Tony is the Executive Director of Northumberland Youth for Christ. We will also hear from Daryl Stogryn as he is stepping down from his role with YFC. Pastor Rita is in Grand Rapids, MI, attending the meetings of synod (the national gathering of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.)

Avarice - When Greed Becomes Good - June 9, 2024
Greed – the quest for more power, more money, more recognition, can be deadly. We read Genesis 13 as we consider the 4 th of the Seven Glittering Vices. During this service we will celebrate the graduation of four of our Sunday School children: Felix, Jacob, Keirstynn and Ellie.

The Busy Life of the Sloth - June 2, 2024
Oh, “The ‘Busy’ Life of (the) Sloth.” We turn to Genesis 4 and II Peter 1: 3-11 as we consider the next in the list of those “Glittering Vices.” During the service we will cast lots to select office bearers. Next Sunday, June 9: Greed.

Led by the God Within - May 26, 2024
We welcome Pastor Shawn Brix to lead us in worship. Pastor Shawn is from Peterborough and is the Canadian Church Relations Liaison for Calvin Theological Seminary. Pastor Rita is at Bethany Church in Bloomfield for a classical appointment. Classical appointments are assigned to assist churches which do not currently have a pastor.

Celebration of Life, David Chamberlain - May 24, 2024
March 18, 1946 - May 16, 2024

Prepare to be Amazied! - May 19, 2024
“Prepare to be Amazed!” It’s Pentecost Sunday and we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. We find the account in Acts 2: 1-21. We will be sharing the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

Vainglory: Image IS Everything - May 12, 2024
Vainglory - it's the second of the Glittering Vices to which we so easily fall prey. We read 2 Corinthians 10 where we are given permission to boast - but to boast in the Lord!

Envy - the Green Monster - May 5, 2024
We begin a new sermons series: Glittering Vices. The title is taken from Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung’s book Glittering Vices – a New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies. We read from I Kings 3: 16-28.

Teen Challenge - April 28, 2024
Today we welcome Teen Challenge to lead our service this morning. Teen Challenge is helping people overcome addiction everyday. It is a 12 month, faith based, in-residence drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for 18+, that is part of a network of over 19 Teen Challenge Centres across Canada and more then 1400 worldwide.

The Big Cover-Up - April 21, 2024
During the 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to various people. Yet, attempts to come up with a different explanation of the resurrection continue to circulate. We read one of those cover-up stories from Matthew 18: 1-15. During the service we will share the communion meal.

Pursuing God - April 14, 2024
Pastor Steve Kooy, campus chaplain with Momentum Campus Ministries, is our guest pastor. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation.

BEHOLD! THE LAMB OF GOD! - April 7, 2024
We welcome Rev George Holthof to lead our service. Pastor Rita is on a classical appointment at Westside Fellowship in Kingston.

No More Tears - March 31, 2024
He is Risen! No more tears! We read the resurrection story from John 20: 1-18. During this service we will “flower the cross” and share the communion meal.

Those Tears – If Only - March 24, 2024
On Palm Sunday we witness Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Yet on this day of celebration, Jesus weeps over the city (Luke 19: 41). We continue our sermon series, “Those Tears.”

Those Tears – Angry Tears - March 17, 2024
We continue our Lenten sermon series, “Those Tears.” This Sunday, it is Jesus who weeps. We read John 11: 1-37. After the message we will share the communion meal; the juice is non-alcoholic and there are gluten-free options on each tray.

Those Tears – This I Know - March 10, 2024
Two things we need to know. The woman in this story knew those two things. On this 4 th Sunday of Lent we read Luke 7: 36-50 where we encounter “More Tears.&rdquo

Those Tears – Disappointed with God - March 3, 2024
Jesus says to a woman, “Don’t cry.” But her only son has just died (Luke 7:11-17). On this third Sunday of lent, we remember that death is not the end of the story.

Those Tears – the Tears of a Mother - February 25, 2024
On this second Sunday of Lent, we continue the sermon series, “Those Tears.” This Sunday we read Matthew 2: 13-18 – a mother loses a child, and she is inconsolable.

So many Tears - February 18, 2024
This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Lent, as we begin the journey to the cross. We will be looking at Bible passages about ‘tears,’ beginning with Isaiah 53 where we meet the “Man of Sorrows.” We will be sharing the communion meal during this service.

You Are Grounded - February 11, 2024
We recognize our Cadets boys' club this morning and welcome their participation in the service. Their theme this year is "Rooted and Grounded", from Ephesians 3.

Rise Up! - February 4, 2024
We recognize our GEMS girls’ club this morning and welcome their participation in the service. The GEMS have been looking at the stories from the book of Esther. We conclude our series from Esther, with celebration: Rise Up and Begin Again! We read from chapters 8 and 9.

The Bold and the Beautiful - Grant Me My Life - January 28, 2024
The greatest desire of humankind is this: “Grant me my life.” Those are Esther’s words in chapter 7:3. God grants us life through our beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Bold and Beautiful - The One Who is Honoured - January 21, 2024
“Treated like Royalty” – that’s what Haman expects. In this second message from the book of Esther, God turns the tables. We read chapters 5 and 6 of the book of Esther. We share the communion meal today; there are gluten-free options on each tray and the juice is non-alcoholic.

The Bold and the Beautiful - January 14, 2024
We begin a new sermon series: The Bold and the Beautiful. It’s the story of Esther. We read chapter 4 of that book of the Bible.

A Good Place to Start - January 7, 2024
On this first Sunday of 2024, we turn to a 3:16 passage. But this one is in 1 Timothy (not John). It’s a good place to start the new year.


Looking Back, Looking Ahead - December 31, 2023
Our usual New Year’s Eve service happens at 10 a.m. this year. Join us as we look back on 2023 and make some predictions about 2024. We read the account of the Magi and fulfilled prophecies in Matthew 2: 13-23.

Run, See, Tell - December 25, 2023
Blessed Christmas to you all!

Do You Hear What I Hear - December 24, 2023
On this the fourth and final Sunday of Advent – Do you hear what I hear? We listen to Mary speaking of how the Mighty One has done great things for her (Luke 2: 39-56). What great things has the Mighty One done for you?

Do You Hear What I Hear? - December 17, 2023
“Do you hear what I hear?” Mary hears from an angel. We read Luke 1: 26-38. We will be lighting the third advent candle – the candle of joy. Our service will also include the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Do You Hear What I Hear - December 10, 2023
On this second Sunday of Advent, we turn to Luke 1: 1-4. Luke wants us to hear what he has heard. We light the second candle of the advent wreath – the candle of peace.

Peace of Christ - Peace with Christ, December 3, 2023
We welcome Joseph Bowman to our pulpit. He preached from Isaiah 9:2-7.

Staying Cleaned Up - November 26, 2023
Pastor Shawn Brix is leading us in worship. He preached from John 13:1-11. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation.

Just-Do-Something - November 19, 2023
We welcome Carol Hulin as our guest preacher. Pastor Carol is a ministry candidate and lives in Belleville. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation.

Misunderstood - November 12, 2023
We read the last verses of John chapter 7. Jesus is our Misunderstood Messiah. He understands what it means when we are misunderstood. We will share the communion meal during our service.

Celebration of Life for Betty Lautenbach - November 10, 2023
January 22, 1938-November 6, 2023.

Misunderstood - Anxiety - October 29, 2023
Those dealing with anxiety know what it means to be misunderstood. We continue reading through John 7. Jesus was misunderstood by his family and by his church community. During this service we will remember the beginning of the Reformation which took place about 500 years ago.

Misunderstood - Depression - October 22, 2023
Do you know what itis like to be misunderstood? It's a lonely, difficult place. Jesus knew what that was like. We begin a new sermon series from John 7: "Misunderstood."

What Was I Thinking! - October 15, 2023
When you decided to follow Jesus, what did you sign up for? It won't always be easy, but it's worth it! We read Matthew 4:18-22. We will be sharing the communion meal during the service.

Blessed so that…. - October 8, 2023
Today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Have you ever wondered why God has blessed you in so many ways? When we read about God’s blessings upon us, there is always a “So that….” We’ll read from II Corinthians 9: 6-11. During the service we will have opportunity to send a “Thank-you Card” to God, using the sticky notes in your bulletin.

The Times, They are A-Changing - October 1, 2023
As our fall programs get underway, we extend our blessing upon all our volunteers. Our message will be from 1 Chronicles 12 and Romans 13. The times are a-changing -- do you understand the times?

Everyone Has a Superpower - September 24, 2023
We welcome Tony Posthumus to our pulpit. Tony is the Executive Director at Northumberland Youth Unlimited. Pastor Rita is preaching in Bowmanville, Maranatha, on a classical appointment.

Watch This! - Sept 17, 2023
Welcome to our annual outdoor service! This morning’s message is from Mark 2: 1-12: “Watch This!” During the service we will be installing our new office bearers- Randy Heideman and Nettie Snoek as elders and Shelly Chamberlain and Bill Vanderwel as deacons.

Gardening Tips - Persevere (Keep at it!) - Sept 10, 2023
We complete our sermon series on Gardening Tips, which is also a sermon series from the Canons of Dort. Our final tip is to “Keep at it.” It’s advice for us, but it’s what God does. God will always hold onto His own. We read 1 Corinthians 1: 1-9 and see that message displayed in the baptism of Violet Thérèse Kapteyn, baby girl of Marcus and Emily. We will also be sharing the Communion meal.

Gardening Tips - who can resist some TLC! - September 3, 2023
Our 4th gardening tip – apply some TLC. Your plants won’t be able to resist it! We read Matthew 13: 44-46 and look at the teaching from the Canons of Dort called Irresistible Grace. During this service we celebrate the public profession of faith of Tim Rossiter and Kevin Henry.

Gardening Tips - Thinning - August 27, 2023
Gardening tip #3: some thinning will happen. Some plants stay, some go. We read Romans 9: 1-21 as we explore the teaching of Limited Atonement.

Gardening Tip #2 - August 20, 2023
Our second gardening tip: plant radishes. There are somethings we receive with care and awe, without being able to explain it. We read John 15: 9-17. U is for Unconditional Election: God chooses us because he loves us.

Celebration of Life for Jane DeJong - August 16, 2023
Jane DeJong
October 11, 1933 - August 11, 2023

Gardening Tips - Test the Soil - August 13, 2023
We begin a new sermon series this Sunday: Gardening Tips. It's a look at what we believe as expressed by the acronym - TULIP. On this first Sunday we read Romans 3:9-26. T is for Total Depravity: the soil is bad.

HOLINESS - August 6, 2023
We welcome retired Pastor George Holthof to our pulpit. He preaches on Holiness looking at Ephesians 1:3-6, Leviticus 11:44, 45 and 1 Peter 1:15, 16. Pastor Rita and Gerald are on vacation this week.

Ready, Set, Action – Go Public - July 30, 2023
Ready Set Action! In our final message from Acts 16, Paul and Silas “Go Public.” Our faith in Jesus was never meant to be a private thing.

Celebration of Life for John Jeronimus - July 27, 2023
John Jeronimus
June 12, 1998 - July 21, 2023

Ready, Set, Action - What action do I need to take? - July 23, 2023
Ready Set Action! What action must I take; what must I do to be saved? Good question. We read Acts 16: 25-34.

Ready, Set, Act-ion – Heroes and Villains - July 16, 2023
We return to Acts for more Act-ion. The men who should be the stars of the show, are treated like criminals (Acts 16: 16-24.) Why do bad things happen to “good” people?

Ready, Set, Action! God Gets it Done - July 9, 2023
Ready, Set, Action! But what happens if you or I drop the ball? In Acts 16:11-15 we see that it is God who makes things happen.

Ready, Set, Action - Let's Rock the Boat - July 2, 2023
Ready, Set, Action! That’s the theme of our next sermon series. We’ll be working through the 16th chapter of Acts where Paul and his companions get three messages from God: Stop, Stop, and then GO! What is God telling you to do?

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